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Looking Ahead in 2021

I absolutely love beginnings. There’s something so special about a fresh start.

This year, I’m celebrating the end of 2020 as much as the start of 2021. We made it through the toughest, most challenging year in the short history of our small business, and I pray we never see anything like it again. To be frank, this year has been a hot mess and 2021 couldn’t come fast enough.

Even though the pandemic is not over, and likely won’t be for some time, there is comfort in the hope that at some point this year, things might possibly begin to feel normal again.

Thank you to all of you for continuing to support our business during this wildly uncertain time and for sharing our craft with friends and family this holiday season. The amount of orders y’all sent our way was more than we could have ever anticipated. We did plan for growth, quite a bit actually, but y’all still somehow blew those numbers away!

Looking ahead, I’m excited to pull back the curtain and share some of our plans for 2021 with you.

1) In January - as in right now - we’re introducing our first seasonal of the new year: Winter Citrine. The bright yellow packaging and refreshing, citrusy scent is the perfect pick-me-up for getting through those cold, gloomy winter days and nights.

2) We will also be bringing back Indigo and Rice under a new name. Launch is TBD, but expect it some time in the first quarter. Now that we have selected a new name, we need to print boxes for soaps and bath bombs, which takes some time. We appreciate your patience!

3) Plus, we will be launching a brand new, sea-inspired scent unlike anything y’all have seen from us before and I cannot wait for y’all to try it. I hope you love it as much as we do!

We have ideas for new products and additions to our line, but with 2020 going like it did, we don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves in 2021. We will see how the year unfolds before making any bigger decisions. We have definitely learned to be patient during the past year.

We will continue making improvements to our online and retail experiences, sharing what we’re up to on social media, and building connections with retail partners across the country, as well as making internal improvements for all of our team members’ health and well being.

All of us here at Old Whaling Co. are wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2021, and we look forward to the opportunity to continue serving you in 2021 and beyond.



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