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ROP011 Seaweed & Sea Salt Roll-On Perfume
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Seaweed & Sea Salt Roll-On Perfume Seaweed & Sea Salt Roll-On Perfume
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Seaweed & Sea Salt Roll-On Perfume
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    • Seaweed & Sea Salt Roll-On Perfume

      Roll-On Perfume

      ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 16 reviews

      Seaweed & Sea Salt

    • $14

      We have discontinued our roll-on perfume collection, but you can still shop our sea-inspired scents across our collection of bath and body products we think you’ll love!
    • Seaweed & Sea Salt is one of our most popular fragrances, which features a fresh, beachy scent.

      Our moisturizing and fragranced Roll-On Perfumes are designed to be reapplied as needed throughout the day any time you need a refresher.

      Learn more about our thoughtfully curated ingredients.

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      Seaweed & Sea Salt Roll-On Perfume Seaweed & Sea Salt Roll-On Perfume
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      Overall Rating

      ★★★★★ ★★★★★
      5.0 out of 5 based on 16 reviews
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      Verified Buyer

      Easy, breezy, roll on scent.

      Written by HANNAH FULLERTON (Utah) on June 2nd, 2021
      This smells like summer. It's light, refreshing, and a nifty stocking stuffer for someone new to perfumes.😉 Sprays are easy to overdo, roll-ons, not so much. I would gift this to my nieces for Christmas for sure. I love the scent for the summer season and I'll definitely buy from this shop again. They sent a coconut milk soap bar sampler with my perfume and that was wonderful too.

      Lovely Beachy Scent

      Written by Brekan Piper Zeigler (Hershey, PA) on May 28th, 2021
      One of my favorite perfumes of all time is Bobbi Brown Beach. It may seem odd but I adore the scent of coppertone sunscreen and that perfume smells almost identical to it. This rollerball scent is extremely similar to Bobbi Brown Beach for a fraction of the price and is especially great because I can throw it in my bag and apply it anywhere. For me it seems to last a quite a while on my skin when applied to my wrists, neck and chest. I get a ton of compliments when I’m wearing it. I definitely recommend this scent to anyone who loves the scent of the beach. I will continue to purchase online as well as in the store when I am in Charleston (my husband and I have friends that live there and someday I would absolutely love to become a Charleston resident!).
      Verified Buyer

      Great product

      Written by Angela G on May 24th, 2021
      Fast delivery, Amazing Product!!
      Verified Buyer

      Perfect Beachy Sent

      Written by LSayre (NC) on May 24th, 2021
      First fell in love with the Seaweed & Sea Salt Lotion, so I was delighted to know they had a Roll-On too. So fun for the warm weather!
      Verified Buyer

      Smells like the beach!!

      Written by Vera Querceto (Rhode Island) on May 22nd, 2021
      This smells just like Coppertone Sunscreen!!! Heavenly!!
      Verified Buyer

      New Fav!

      Written by Kelsey (California) on May 19th, 2021
      I found this originally at an aquarium gift shop and ordered more from the company website after realizing that I needed more for gifts and for myself. I appreciate how this scent is light and does not smell after being on all day, I also like the size of the tube. I wear this to work, the beach, everywhere! I also like layering it with body sprays for that extra beachy feel.
      Verified Buyer


      Written by Kathy Campbell (SC) on May 10th, 2021
      Sensitive to a lot of fragrances. Not this one. Fresh, clean, soft and Perfect for me!!
      Verified Buyer

      Lovely beachy scent

      Written by Hannah (SC) on April 23rd, 2021
      sad to see the perfumes go - this is one of the best and most natural beachy scents, and I love wearing it and smelling like sea and sunshine.

      Love it

      Written by Karen (Greenville) on April 20th, 2021
      Love this scent! Smells just like my happy place, the beach. I wear it every day and bought one for a gift too. She also loved it!
      Verified Buyer

      Seaweed & Salt perfume roll-on

      Written by Nancy Potter-Desjardins (Massachusetts) on April 20th, 2021
      First fragrance I tried from this company, very soft and clean smell. Delivery was prompt.
      Verified Buyer

      Roll On Perfume Tryout

      Written by Susan (NY) on April 15th, 2021
      I love this fragrance. It does remind me of the ocean and being on the Maine coast. It's also very long lasting. The roll on is great, I can toss it in my bag.
      Verified Buyer

      Nice & light!

      Written by Jill (Alaska) on April 8th, 2021
      This is a nice, light daily scent! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this one is really nice and also great for layering. I’m really impressed that every scent I ordered has just been stunning!

      Perfect Summer scent

      Written by Laura Mish (NJ) on April 1st, 2021
      This roll-on perfume smells SO good!! It’s almost the perfect beach scent. I absolutely love it! It reminds me of Bobbi Brown Beach perfume.

      Love it!!!

      Written by Laurie (Arizona) on November 24th, 2020
      Always looking for a beachy scent , this is the first one that i think hits the mark! It reminds me of what you smell like after being at the beach all day. Warm , salty , alittle bit of sun lotion. My husband loves it on me ! Yaaaay !! The beach is my most happy place thankyou!!

      Vacation Reminders everyday

      Written by Stephanie on August 22nd, 2019
      This perfume is wonderful. It's got a strong, but not overpowering scent that reminds you of vacations on the beach, the salt air and relaxation. I'm addicted.

      Beachy clean

      Written by Heather Pena on August 1st, 2019
      A favorite scent of OWC. Beachy clean like soft beach towels warmed by the sun. Love these sturdy rollerballs. Customer service is amazing and I received my package in record speed. Thank you for the wonderful extras!